I started this website for people who want to make jewelry items themselves – but could never find nice components  without paying a fortune or having to buy in bulk .   Over the years I have purchased different pendants, charms, and links by bulk.  I paid the big shipping fees for those purchases.   Now I am offering these items to you – without the bulk quantity and the huge shipping fees.    If you are a DIY, please look at what I have to offer under the DIY section.  You will see you can buy these components and still be able to sell your own jewelry at an attractive – but not outrageous – price.


I also offer some ready-made pieces in the Finished section.  If you see something you like and  I do not already have it in stock – I can make it for you.  If I don’t have what you order on hand and see that I will have to order more components, I will give you the choice to wait – or be refunded.   It may take you a little longer to receive a  ‘made to order’ item.  I will give you an estimate of when you can expect to receive it and you can request a refund if you choose.


Any questions?   Please feel free to contact me under Contact Us at the top of the page.